Hi. I’m Jody.

I’m a certified life coach specializing in helping women thrive in relationships and life.

My faith-based approach will help you create a whole and balanced life that supports your commitment to serve and love others well while at the same time honoring your own dreams and desires.

I believe keeping our relationships healthy and vibrant is the key to overcoming challenges, navigating change, and living a happier life.

In every relationship – from marriage to parenting, with family, friends, and co-workers – it’s possible to create strong and lasting bonds that fill your life with joy and satisfaction in every season and every setting.

I’d love to be your guide.

I believe that creating resilient relationships that grow and change along with us is the key to finding joy in every season of life.

“Jody is my “go-to” person in all things relational. Her depth of wisdom, understanding and compassion is truly God-given.”

♥  Ann

“Jody empowers me to move forward in a purposeful way when faced with my empty nest. She gently helps to focus my thoughts and identify new goals.”

♥  Julie

“I just love how you make me THINK and really ANALYZE instead of rushing willy-nilly through every phase of my life.”

♥  Lorraine

“Jody helps me “unpack” the rewarding possibilities awaiting me. I’m engaging with more confidence and direction because of her attentiveness and care.”

♥  Kim

How I can help.

The articles I write, resources I create, and workshops I teach are all designed to keep your relationships thriving, so you can find the joy and satisfaction you were created for.

My faith-based approach will support your commitment to love others well while helping you connect to your own dreams and desires so you can step into your next season with confidence and joy.

Need some help getting started? Read Thriving Through Relationship Changes.

Let’s be friends who grow together!

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